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D.Core Affiliate Referral Program

Welcome to the D.Core Affiliate Referral Program


About D.Core

D.Core has crafted a line of massage chairs that have accomplished the ideal, the rarest combination of renowned expertise, modern technology, and traditional aesthetic beauty.

Our philosophy starts with a deep admiration for the Japanese aesthetic, a respect for the natural, subtle, and refined. This inspires our designs, which incorporate the harmonious lines and authentic black walnut wood of Japanese art.


How the D.Core Affiliate Referral Program Works

  1. Someone clicks on your referral link and goes to our website.
  2. The visitor’s IP address is recorded and a cookie is placed on their browser for tracking. This cookie will be stored there for up to 30 days.
  3. The visitor browses our website and decides to order a product.
  4. The order will be recorded as a sale for you and you’ll receive a commission. If they don’t order initially, but come back and order within the 30-day window, you will still receive credit for the sale
  5. Earn up to 8% on purchases made from each referral purchase


How To Get Started?

To become an affiliate, simply start by filling out our interest form. Once your account is approved, we will provide you with a personalized URL for our site that you can link to from your site and/or social network. Sales on our site made through this personalized link will then be credited to you and commission paid out.