Massage Chair Financing

Take Advantage of 0% Massage Chair Financing Options

Financing makes sense for many of our customers, and it’s an ownership option that may make sense for you. We offer a variety of 0% financing options from which to choose, and all of the applications are quick and simple.

We are happy to help you finance any purchase of $300 or more. If you’re ready to jump to an application, simply use the chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen or call 888-208-5078, and a Comfort Consultant will walk you through multiple options.

Here are a few things that most people take into consideration when deciding between financing and one-time payment with a credit card. We have heard from customers that stepping through this short list of questions really helped them make the right decision of how to pay for their purchase.

Buying your massage chair with a credit card:

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits that come along with using credit cards for their massage chair purchases. In particular, if you enjoy credit card points, your massage chair purchase can get you 20% – 40% of the needed points to enjoy a free flight, hotel discounts, or a special treat for yourself or someone you love.

The other top benefits customers enjoy from purchasing their massage chairs with a credit card are the rebates. Some credit card companies offer between 1% and 3% back on spending. If you use a card with rebates, you’ll want to factor this in when choosing how to pay for your D.Core massage chair.

Finance Hybrid Option:

You don’t have to choose between paying with a credit card or financing. We offer “hybrid massage chair financial programs” where a portion of your purchase can be charged to a credit card and the remaining balance is financed. The cost can be split between a credit card and our financing however you would like. Paying a portion upfront provides additional benefits like:

  • Lower monthly finance payments
  • Fewer monthly payments
  • Getting the benefits of credit card points and rebates while also benefiting from having a reasonable monthly payment

Do I have a cash balance in the bank that I would like to preserve? Is it a one-time payment? for example? a massage chair and a mattress a bit more than I have right now or care to spend all at once?

If your answer is yes, then financing (or hybrid pay) is a great option to explore. Your Comfort Consultant can help you choose the 0% finance plan that is right for you.

Are Massage Chairs Worth the Cost?


Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if massage chairs are worth the money:


Am I making this purchase to replace some (or all) trips to a massage therapist or chiropractor? When I add up the monthly cost of those visits, is there a financing plan that would allow me to spend no more (and maybe even less) than I was already comfortable spending on professional services??

By using one of our 0% financing options, many customers spend less on their body health and are able to take advantage daily versus once a week or once a month. This is a compelling reason for many to choose to finance. We’ll even help tailor a finance program that gets you to in the range of your current budgeted spend each month.

Why is this even better? The finance payments on these chairs end. After you make your last payment, you still have the benefits and use of the chair without an ever-ending subscription or membership fee. This is different from most other bodywork options available to you.



Massage Chair Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, what are the steps to financing a purchase?

They are simple and take very little time.

STEP 1. Contact your Comfort Consultant by phone (888-208-5078) or Chat to explore options and submit an application.

STEP 2. Get the approval answer. All our finance partners deliver quick decisions within minutes.

STEP 3. Have your remaining product questions been addressed by a Comfort Consultant?

STEP 4. We’ll then help you process your order through the finance or hybrid program you choose. This step takes no more time than processing a regular credit card payment.

How long does the application take?

About 5-minutes.

How long does it take to get approved?

Approvals can be returned in seconds. Sometimes it will take 5 minutes. On occasion, a finance company may need to speak with you directly about your application. This can add another 2-3 minutes to the process.

Do I have to share my personal financial data with Furniture For Life or my Comfort Consultant?

Nope. Never. Not at all. If you desire, you can keep this strictly between you and the finance company. We don’t need to know a thing about your personal financial data, social security number, income, or anything else you care to keep private in your finance application.

How much will I be approved for?

That depends on how much is requested, your credit score, and other factors determined by the financing company which we are not privy to.

Can I finance the delivery, extended warranty, and tax?

As long as you have been approved for an amount that covers the full gross amount of the sale, you can finance the full amount inclusive of extras like delivery, extended warranty, and taxes. Many people choose to separately pay delivery, warranty, and tax charges in order to reduce their ongoing monthly payments, but that decision is up to you.

How much does financing cost?

0% financing really is 0% financing. As long as you meet the on-time payment obligations, you will pay no more to finance a sale than you would have paid in cash, check, or with a credit card.

Can I prepay the remaining balance without penalty?

You can. Prepaying an outstanding balance will not result in prepayment penalties.

What are the limitations of the program?

All financing is subject to credit approval by a 3rd party financing company. Financing requires minimum monthly payments. Programs up to 36 months may be combined with other offers. Programs over 36 months cannot be combined with other offers. Other exclusions may apply.

Is financing really free? How can companies offer me a loan for 0% cost or interest?

A 0% financing really is free to you. If you make the monthly payments as required by the financing company, you will pay the actual purchase price reflected on your receipt and not one penny more.

So how does finance lend you money for nothing? It’s a great question with a simple answer: we (the retailer) are charged a fee to provide you with a 0% finance option. The longer the term, the more we pay for you to carry the balance that you owe the finance company. For example, on a $5,000 purchase with a 48-month term, the finance company might only pay $4,250 to Furniture For Life and keep the $750 difference between what they paid us and what you will pay them over the next 48 months.

Another way a finance company makes money is if you miss or get behind on payments. Late payments usually result in interest fees kicking on the balance you still owe. These interest fees are detailed in the details of the finance agreement. You will always do better to always make your monthly payments on time.

What if I return, downgrade, or upgrade my purchase?

Financing works just like a credit card. You can buy up, trade down, or get a refund. Any monies paid will be refunded. Any added purchases will change your monthly payments.

Do you offer a layaway option?

If the layaway is the method you prefer to save up for our amazing and comfortable products, please talk to one of our Comfort Consultants. We’ll be happy to organize a programmed deposit plan that will get you seated, sleeping, or reclining in our products.