The D.Core Massage Chair Company Story

D.Core has crafted a line of massage chairs that have accomplished the ideal – the rarest combination of renowned expertise, modern technology, and traditional aesthetic beauty.

Our philosophy starts with a deep admiration for the Japanese aesthetic — a respect for the natural, subtle, and refined. This inspires our designs, which incorporate the harmonious lines and authentic black walnut wood of Japanese art.

Employing our precision craftsmanship and tasteful eye, D.Core offers massage chairs that are a beautiful complement to any modern home.

D.Core, short for deep core, is guided by the innovations of Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa as well as a loyalty to the authentic Shiatsu massage. Our patented 3D+ TrueShiatsu Action delivers a unique therapeutic experience, simulating the finger structure and organic movements of a massage therapist, while the Wave Arrays of the Cirrus model use oscillating rollers to heal the deep tissue of your forearms and calves.

D.Core is your final guide to an exceptional massage experience, where luxury is derived from sophisticated Japanese design, and wellness is realized in our patented healing technology.

With chairs shaped by the natural beauty of Japan and massage methods rooted in the country’s rich history in human health, D.Core offers a full line of luxury massage chairs that connects the wisdom of the past to the fulfillment of your future.

d.core massage chair symbol