Soschu Inada


Massage Chair Master & D.Core Founder

Today, Soschu Inada is the president of the D.Core massage chair brand. In the company’s designs, you’ll find some of the most novel and effective approaches offered in the world. The experience, technical knowledge, and wisdom Inada has accumulated over his many years of relevant experience make him uniquely capable of creating products that challenge the boundaries of the industry on both appearance and performance. Understanding how he has achieved such greatness in the massage chair industry requires a look back at where he came from.

Soschu Inada was born in Osaka, Japan in the winter of 1977. His boyhood interest in the martial arts resulted in him starting judo training in 1990, and when he was 20 years old he took up the study of the Seido style of karate.

Inada’s early years offered a few hints that he would later devote all of his time and energy to imagining, designing, and building massage chairs…But we have jumped ahead too far.

In April of 2001, he joined a large Japanese marketing company focused on the sales and promotion of educational material. His first job out of college did not believe the connection that Inada and massage chairs would later have, but it did serve him well as his first opportunity to learn about business in the ‘real world’. Just a year later in 2002 Inada resigned from his marketing position and took his first professional step into the world of Japanese massage chairs.

In May of 2002, Inada joined a Japanese massage chair manufacturer, where he was assigned to the production division of the company. Two years later, after studying Japanese massage chair production methods, Inada was transferred to Shanghai, China where the company he worked for maintained a massage chair factory. By the summer of 2006, after rising rapidly in responsibility, he was promoted to oversee the entire massage chair operation in Shanghai. To his colleagues he had now become known as President Inada, and as an expert in Japanese massage chairs.

Gradually, Inada became more and more exposed to and involved in the development process for new massage chair models. This effort included deep involvement in the design and reengineering of massage chair components including work on the ‘main mechanism’ structure that is now used in every modern massage chair. Inada’s early experience and training make him uniquely qualified as one of the most important innovators in the massage chair industry.

Jump forward a few years and we see that the Soschu Inada massage chair journey takes on a totally new dimension. Inada tendered his resignation from the Japanese massage chair maker in January of 2018. In February of the same year, he dove into what has always driven Inada’s passion: creating his own massage chair company, designing his own unique products, and applying all the massage chair know-how he gleaned from his previous 16 years of advanced massage chair experience.

The professional journey of Inada has been a quest to understand the physiological benefits of massage and then apply this knowledge to help people pursue “real improvements” in their physical and mental well-being. As a result, what Mr. Soschu Inada and the D.Core massage chair team offer to discerning and knowledgeable massage consumers is simply not available from any other massage chair company in the world.