Massage Chair Technology

Ancient massage techniques and modern technology combine to form the science behind and within our chairs. The technological advancements in our massage chairs, to this day, are unmatched and unreplicated. The core processing systems within our chairs are programmed to improve your health and wellness through precision programs and perfected mechanism placement.


“Deep Core” Intelligence Programs

Fifty years of curiosity, testing, and learning have resulted in Deep Core — the operating system that powers the most sophisticated massage technology in the industry. With 15 total massage programs available, D.Core transforms the minds and choreography of massage masters into the complete in-home massage experience.


Patented Wave Arrays

Massage therapy that’s truly head to toe, D.Core’s Wave Arrays is the first and remains the only massage chair technology in the industry to incorporate mechanical massage units to heal your arms and legs. Demonstrating how our technology remains cutting edge and difficult to replicate.


Patented True Shiatsu Massage

The experience of renowned Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa informs our patented massage mechanism to simulate an authentic shiatsu massage. Generations of massage chair experience and the highest level of Japanese massage chair design are transformed into an unmatched patented deep tissue penetration.